The World Happiness Awards are an initiative of the World Happiness Fest. Supported by more than 300 institutions and thought leaders all over the world, we are working to bring hope, tools, and support to the largest possible number of people, everywhere. 

#TenBillionHappyby2050 is our compass and that requires to discover, connect and support communities and individuals committed to realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness, for all. 

The Awards are not a competition, they are an acknowledgment of actions, ideas and initiatives lead from the heart by incredible beings full of gratitude and compassion. 

We welcome nominations all through the year and we announce the award recipients four times per year for different categories. The 20th of June, September, December, and March. Starting in March 2021.    

Nominations are already open to everyone. 

The Nominees and Award Recipient projects will be highlighted at the World Happiness Fest events, online and offline, and will receive public recognition. Moreover, the Award Recipients will receive a full-tuition scholarship to attend the Gross Global Happiness program at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica. 



The objective of the World Happiness Awards is to recognize individuals and communities realizing a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness, for all. 

There are 12 categories and each of them recognizes both individuals and communities. 

Everybody, anywhere, can nominate anybody and any community. “To be nominated” at least one nomination form has to be submitted on the World Happiness Awards website. The nominees will have recognition by the World Happiness Fest, highlighting and showcasing the individual or community on the World Happiness Awards website and the World Happiness Fest communications channels.

There will be a special recognition to those nominated individuals and communities that have a higher number of “I love it” or “votes” and comments on the World Happiness Awards website. Special recognition will be granted to individuals and communities that showcase “broad and/or deep outreach” and “positive impact” within the potential boundaries of their communities of influence, i.e. cities, companies, countries, hospitals, schools, etc. And that showcase at the same time the core values of Compassion, Gratitude, Discovery,  and Connection embedded in their projects and activities. 

Those individuals and communities with a “Special Recognition” will be granted a Scholarship by the World Happiness Fest for all learning fees, to attend ALL events LIVE and ONLINE organized around the world for a 12 months period, including the program organized at the United Nations University for Peace on Gross Global Happiness, they will be granted with a Special Recognition badge and certificate. 

The Special Recognition will be granted to all different categories by the board of the World Happiness Fest and the World Happiness Awards “Special Recognition” committee four times per year, on March 20th, June 20th, September 20th and December 20th, every year. 


World Happiness Awards